February Weekend.

6 02 2012

One of those eventful weekends that I really needed. With all the things that have been crumbling down around me, I really needed it to recharge myself and to keep fighting.

Friday night, had some quality time with the girls eating and drinking and bitching. I had on my current favourite look, which is a tunic, a blazer, and a big chunky necklace that I originally bought for Halloween one year to be Cleopatra. Turns out I can wear it on a daily basis too, and have been getting tonnes of compliments! Just loving the chunky necklaces trend right now.

Chunky Necklaces Love.

Now, I’m not usually a hot chocolate person, but my friend was telling me about this hot chocolate festival some bakery is doing, so I went along, because I was told they had macarons. They apparently have one flavour of hot chocolate a day, and on that day, it happened to be vanilla chestnut white chocolate, and my gosh, it was heavenly! And keep in mind that I dislike both hot chocolate and white chocolate usually! As for macaron, I went with Earl Grey, which can’t go wrong. I think the other two flavours they had available were raspberry and passion fruit.

As if these weren’t enough to pamper my appetite, as soon as I was done, I met up with another one of my friends for Mexican food, equipped with a whole pitcher of Sangria blanca. Yummy. How do they make their refried beans so delicious?

On Saturday, I had a birthday party to attend at night, but also a reservation for one of my favourite restaurants with the boyfriend. I’ve been there once, but he hasn’t so I was so excited to take him there! It is one of a kind Japanese restaurant with modern Western flair to it, with the most amazing type of sushi ever. They sear the fish, and press them, which is how they make the cubic type of sushi. They really just melt in your mouth delicious.


The infamous sushi.

And below is what I wore for the birthday party, but reverse the colour. My dress was red and most of my accessories including my pumps were black. I’ve been looking for the occasion to use my white envelope clutches for a while and I think this was perfect with what I was wearing. It’s actually a great size too because it fits your phone, your camera, and your ID easily with the convenience of not being too big.

February Weekend.

With my sleek ponytail and one shoulder long sleeve dress, I think the look was very inspired by Kim Kardashian, so I made sure I had my fake lashes on too. Problem though! Are there special tips of some sort that can help your fake lashes stay on all night, despite the sweaty dancing?




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