Like a kid in a candy store.

2 02 2012


I have recently realized how economically friendly candy aisles are! Instead of paying good few bucks on a giant bag of gummy worms, you can just hand pick which candy you want, and how much you want of it! This is particularly great for me, who gets sick of things easily, so varieties is the key. And really, if all you want is a mouthful of jelly beans just to satisfy your sweet craving, you don’t need to pay too much for too many beans, and the people at the store won’t even care that your whole purchase comes to a dime. (Actually, do they?)

Or if you are on the health conscious side, nuts aisle does the same magic in the grocery store. If you buy them in bulk, it can be pretty costly, so I love it that I can just get how much ever I want through the nuts dispenser thing, especially when I need them for baking.

I’ve been nibbling on my cola gummies, frog gummies, and dark chocolate almond bark all morning and I’m not even close to finishing it. How much I paid for it? About half a tall latte from Starbucks (it was actually on the pricier side because of the bark. They weigh quite a bit!).





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