Longchamp Lust.

31 01 2012

Longchamp was yet another one of those brands that everyone around me loved, but I wasn’t keen on. That is, until I saw this ad with Coco Rocha in it, and completely fell in love. This is like a new definition of high fashion right there. Just mesmerizing. Oh Coco, what did you do to me? Wait wait, i just realized how scary her positioning is. Oh Coco, what if you fall??

I think that perhaps it was this simple, classic design that I was drawn to, that was so unlike the usual Longchamp design. And then I saw this ad:

LOVE the pop of colour. I think I just wasn’t a fan of the “Longchamp look” that everybody has, with solid colour that didn’t pop and a design that everybody carried. So when it comes to collaboration or of limited edition, I’m head over heels for it. And almost as much as I love these two designs, I’m even more impressed with the creative director who directed these two ads. Such an inspiration.




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5 02 2012

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