I ♡ Foreign Exchange.

13 01 2012

Okay, nerd alert!

Few summers ago, I interned for a hot shot investment banking firm and learned very little. I think finance is just not my thing, and I was hella confused. Really, this was me:

Well, I took enough economics courses in my life to know the basic of stocks and bonds and all those stuff, but still, it just wasn’t clicking. Throughout that summer, I pretty much did not learn anything new, except for a few keywords that still linger in my head, two of them being gold and foreign exchange.

Okay, I think for most things, it just didn’t click for me because it didn’t apply to  me, like STOCKS? I know they go up and down and you have your shares and all that jazz, but you really need to be knowledgeable enough about the industry, or at least your specific stock to know what to do with them. Believe me, sell when high, buy when low can only get you so far.

Foreign exchange on the other hand, applies to me, I understand them, and  have been getting extra cash because of it *kisses my envelope*. The concept is fairly simple, exchange rates go up and down, and you just have to aim to get a currency when they are at their low point, and exchange back when your currency is worth more!  With a large amount of money, these differences really do make a difference, it sure made my day today! Of course, you need to be fairly up to date with the exchange rate, and know what is low for them, and what is high; if you go for very common currency like USD, EUR, or GBP it makes it easier because people talk about them and their directions all the time.

I also happen to be in love with the brand Foreign Exchange, which can only be found in California and Texas. They are affordable, good quality, and have really cute stuff without having those redundant designs. Check them out!

You can check more out at www.feshop.net




2 responses

13 01 2012

I love those leopard print shoes!

15 01 2012

I know!! Kind of loving the leopard prints right now, but I also like its material! So different from the rest :)

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