Feeling like a Parisian.

10 01 2012

It’s cold, life sucks, cried my heart out last night.

But we all know that life goes on and when you snooze, you lose. REMEMBER THAT EVERYONE! You can be a good person, living life the right way, minimizing damages and giving back to charity, but sometimes, you just don’t get what you wish for, or even what you rightfully earned for that matter.

I’m out and about again, trying to pick myself up and find ways around this mess. I hate looking sloppy when I’m feeling sloppy, so I’m going around town in my black velvet heels today, with what I call a Parisian bun.

Dear people who are actually from Paris,

I understand that you guys may not necessarily look like this, but thank you for letting me use your name. If it makes you feel any better, I really think it’s a chic, effortless and beautiful look, which is why I feel like a Parisian today. Hope you don’t mind too much.


My hair is getting pretty long, so I’m happy about this style. There goes a few more bucks I could save by not getting a haircut just yet.

And while I was looking up pictures for this “Parisian bun”, I came across a ton of pictures of the edible kinds of buns. I think I could use some right now. These look just about right. Yum.

imma go hunt for them now. Ciao.





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