Caramel Apple Christmas.

27 12 2011

Happy Boxing Day! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends. I’m sure that each and everyone one of you have a unique way of celebrating this holiday, and for me this year, it has been all about food.

I tried making turkey the year before last, and I thought it turned out all right. I’m not a big fan of the big bird to begin with but it was good, but way way too big! So I was thinking that this year, I was going to try something much smaller, like perhaps a Cornish hen per person, or maybe even quail. Something smaller because they just taste better, easier to handle, so I can just focus on making a kick ass stuffing, instead of worrying about the 10lb turkey like last year.

Well that didn’t happen. I didn’t get to have my second round at making a Christmas bird. Instead, I had a request to bake an apple crisp, which in all honesty, was probably up my alley more than birds. Besides, if apple crisp was going to be more appreciated than my small bird, I will gladly make apple crisp instead. I looked up a couple of recipe and came across this one website, Patina White by Beth Schaleben for her best caramel apple crisp. What was different is that she uses quite a bit of vanilla pudding mix in her recipe, and to be completely honest, I was sold when she sounded so convincing that this was really the best recipe for caramel apple crisp.

Layer 1:

I really wish I cut the apples bigger because once cooked, the texture was pretty much gone, I was hoping for something crunchier. In the recipe, they merely said “slice it” and I made an executive decision to make it this small. Still delicious though, not too sweet. In this, white sugar, vanilla pudding mix, lemon juice, cinnamon.

Layer 2:

caramel. The recipe had its own way of making caramel, but she also said that we can use one of those ready made sundae caramel toppings. I wasn’t bothered to go through her recipe, nor did I want to use the store bought one, so I used this recipe I found for banoffee pie. Basically I boiled a whole can of sweetened condensed milk for three hours, and voila, delicious caramel.

The best part was that the caramel was being made while I prepared for the other two layers.

Layer 3:

In this, quick oats, butter, brown sugar, and more vanilla pudding mix. I was a little hesitant about this much vanilla pudding mix in a recipe, especially when it’s not the usual ingredient people use in apple crisps. The comments on this recipe did say that this recipe was tad bit too sweet, but again, being the unquestioning reader that I am, I followed the recipe exactly especially because the writer of the recipe insisted I use this much vanilla pudding mix. She actually noted (TRUST ME) right after she listed two boxes of vanilla pudding mix in the list of ingredients.

Final product:

Indeed, tad bit too sweet, but still good nevertheless. Definitely have them with either whipped cream, custard, or ice cream because those will help with this excessive sweetness. It was delicious though, don’t get me wrong!

Next year: definitely making small bird!! And if you were wondering, this is my 10lb turkey from two years ago:




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