Reporting from Starbucks.

21 12 2011

After sleeping in, and a few hours of TV binging, I have decided to leave the comfortable apartment to come catch up on my weeks of overdue work with my favourite holiday drink at Starbucks. Who knew such an innocent plan of mine would cause so much frustration to my day.

For someone with a laptop, one of the first thing you check when you enter any Starbucks establishment is whether or not, there’s enough work space for you at that specific Starbucks. Despite the many baby carriages at this Starbucks, there were a few tables vacant, so I decided to make my order and waited patiently for my drink to be made. Just as I was waiting, a group of kids came in with Starbucks in their hands, and they made themselves right at home at 99% of the available space. IS THAT EVEN ALLOWED?

Luckily, right beside the waiting area, there was like a counter bar available with two seats open, which I was eyeing. But of course, right before my drink arrived, two ladies came in and sat down, WITHOUT ORDERING ANYTHING, and one left to the bathroom. SO OBVIOUS they were only there for the bathroom. I even asked them if the seat was open or not, since I was almost sure they would be leaving as soon as they were done with their business in the bathroom. Guess not, because the lady told me that she is saving the seat for her friend. Then ta-da, came my Caramel Brulee Latte, but too late, there were no more seats available. Learning from the best, I decided to evacuate to another Starbucks, holding my proof of payment in hand, which kept me warm.

The next Starbucks I arrived at 10 mins later, I also did not get to sit, because some guy took it right under my nose. No hard feelings though, I don’t want him to experience what I went through at the original Starbucks. So there I go again, searching for emptier Starbucks.

I hope you are spending your cold Tuesday afternoon in a happier manner!




4 responses

21 12 2011

Awww, I do hate that when it happens in Starbucks! I usually find a place to sit and leave my bags on it before I order :p I hope you’ll have better starbucks seating moments :)

23 12 2011

But I get so paranoid that someone is going to snatch my bag along with my valuables and run! But yes, I’m starting to learn some tricks hehe :) Hope you’re enjoying your holiday!

12 01 2012

This happens to me all the time! That’s why I stopped going to Starbucks… you should try your neighborhood coffee shop if you have one! It’s usually much more quiet and with less distractions x

12 01 2012

but but, is it just me who feels slightly guilty for staying so long at smaller coffee shops? People would actually remember you, and know how long you’ve been leeching off their wifi! You’re right though, in terms of baked goods, neighborhood coffee shops do them better!

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