Today’s Look 1.7

19 12 2011

Not exactly the winter-appropriate shoes, but I am trying to get comfortable in these babies. It’s supposedly half a size bigger than my usual size but for some reason I feel like this pair is too small! In love with the design though, and the colour. They had camel and this pink, and I opted for pink even though the other one probably had the size that was more fitting to me. The heels could be slightly higher though.

I am pairing these shoes with a pair of black skinny jeans, black tunic, and a beige cardigan. The two special items that I think make this look are the heels, and this ring.

When the weather is this cold, I never used to care how I looked, I focused more on just being warm. It was so bad that when I was in school, I actually went to class with my jammies and just a hoodie on top. Don’t worry, I only did that to lectures where I knew no one in. But yesterday when I came home after the gym, my boyfriend actually commented on how weird it was that I was wearing my leggings with my running shoes! Is it actually that bad…? To be fair, I was coming home from gym and sauna..

For the record, living with the boyfriend is going pretty well. I feel so weird to be the one deciding on when to do laundry and when to run the dishwasher though, so I always let him do it. Does that make me a bad girlfriend/roommate?




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