19 12 2011

some really really amazing Chinese food, and I don’t mean like the food court fast and convenient and FAKE kind. But the downside of going to a proper Chinese restaurant though? It’s designed for a big party, because their portions are huge and you really want to order so many things because they are all so delicious.

Walnut Shrimp – deep fried shrimp served with candied walnut and heavenly blend of mayo and sweetened condensed milk. This sounds weird but Gosh they are one of the best dishes out there.

I never know if they are quails or pigeons, but basically, roasted small birds. The great thing with roasted small birds is that they are small enough that every bite you take is actually flavourful. With turkey or even chicken, I feel that the seasoning doesn’t get through the whole thing! These are so good.

Peking duck – need I say more? Well maybe a little less spring onion, more duck, and much more sauce!

Jelly fish – I didn’t actually know that many westerners are repulsed by this, as I adore this dish. It’s a good balance for when you are eating those heavy greasy chinese food, because jelly fish is light, and cold, and yummy, think pickles, or seaweed salad. I could eat this everyday.

Chinese Calamari – basically deep fried squids with salt, pepper, and chili. Seasoned so perfectly.

Steamed Fish – Definitely not designed for a dinner for two! The secret to this dish is their broth/soy sauce thing – just a good balance of sweet and salty. SO GOOD! I do like my seafood!

Anyone hungry yet? Let’s head out to some Chinese restaurant!




2 responses

21 12 2011

That’s definitely quail! Not too sure if I’ve ever seen any chinese dishes with pigeon….

23 12 2011

Oh :x They are delicious regardless!! Must find the time to eat them soon!

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