The view from above.

14 12 2011

From the loft downtown. The sky in the first picture was supposed to be purple, but I obviously failed to capture it.

The first time I have heard of this guy, he was presented to me as one of my boyfriend’s scumbag friends. Now, growing up with flowers and unicorns, I obviously had no idea what that even meant. But from the story told to me by my boyfriend, this guy would try to sleep with the bunch of girls his roommate brings home after a night out. I guess I got a sense of what scumbags are. Sounds like a sweet guy, huh?

Anyways, six months have passed, and he has a special girl in his life now, though he still does not want to make her his gf. I haven’t met her yet, but from what I know, she is seven years younger than him, and despite not being his gf, they are planning on moving in together. Fast paced, I see. But EVEN THEN, he is still asking me if I have any friends I could hook him up with. Um, what?

Apparently, while he really likes her, hell, he might even love her (those are all his words), he can’t see himself marrying her. He is of an age, where marriage is probably not too far away, and he feels that staying with this girl will only delay his chances of meeting someone who he could spend the rest of his life with. I guess it could be her, but 1. she is way too young, and 2. he wants to find a girl who his mom could love. I think that is sweet, that this guy who used to (and still) go on drugs and raves and sleep around is this concern of his mommy, but what about the girl? I wonder if she knows any of this?

First off, age thing just sucks. There is absolutely nothing you can do about that, and it is a sucky reason not to consider her in your future for that. And secondly, okay, so she parties, and does drugs, but isn’t that why you guys get along? Maybe she’s not a bring-to-mommy material, but she could be! I know  I look great on papers and most mommies love me, but believe me there are things I would never tell my mother in law or even my friends’ mom! I’m just hoping that she knows where he is at..

You know how they say every girl has a guy she can never get over? It would suck for true love to be broken apart by reasons like these. I on the other hand, cannot wait to meet her.

Note: Look up other words for “suck”. Go me!




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