Prosciutto vs. Smoked Salmon.

9 12 2011

You know it, those delicious, overpriced, ready to eat meat that melts in your mouth. They are the luxury for any college students who could afford, because they can make up just about any meal. I know I stocked them up when I wanted to impress someone for a morning after sleepover.. No one needs to know that I never got to serve them because he came over sick, so he left before the sleep part of sleepover could even commence. I think. Seriously, me planning something sweet for anyone never works out. Might as well not even try.

But enough about my century old love life. Which one reigns supreme?

Flavour wise, I guess smoked salmon has a richer taste to it, you could really taste those good good calories. But with proscuitto, you can say that it has more flavours because it is salty. Which is probably why they are often served with fruits. Unlike smoked salmon, you can actually have too much of prosciutto, especially since it is under cooked!  Of course, all these are strictly my opinion.

Now health wise, claims that prosciutto is high in protein, but even higher in fat. Three slices of prosciutto is almost 100 cal. As for smoked salmon, calories wise, they are slightly lower than prosciutto, but the protein content is much much higher than fat! Almost three times!

Cooking with them.. hmm, well they are this amazing because no cooking is required! But if you want to do something creative with it (other than in a salad or a sandwich, or as tapas), here are few ideas!

Ok that actually looks amazing. Prosciutto pasta toss, recipe here.

Creamy pasta of smoked salmon.

The great thing about these meat is that they are so flavorful on its own, you really don’t have to add much to it for the dish to turn amazing.

Squash, potatoes, and prosciutto tart, recipe here.

Smoked Salmon Donburi, recipe here.

Who’s the winner in your eyes?




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9 12 2011
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