Customer service my ass.

7 12 2011

Excuse my language, but that was what one of my friend’s facebook status was, and I just could not agree with her more.

Cell phone provider, everyone has them.. Now, how many people are actually satisfied with them? I seriously feel like their sole purpose is to take as much money as they can from the customers. And while they do not have a monopoly (THANK GOD), they seem to be doing just about everything wrong, yet we are still forced to stick to them, thanks to contracts.

Yes, yes, I should not have signed a contract to begin with, regardless of how attractive getting a brand new smart phone may be. One of the biggest mistakes living alone, I tell you.

EVERYTHING, and I mean, absolutely everything you ask them to do, no matter how small, results in you paying them a fee big enough to pay for your dinner. I went to see the actual store today to get two things done: to change my plan (it was on vacational plan, so it’s dirt cheap if you don’t use it, but exponentially expensive everytime your phone beeps with a text or it rings. And mind you, these are other people’s actions, not yours, and you have to pay a huge amount of money even if all you’re doing is having your phone on), and to switch my phone (both phone mine, so I did not buy a new phone, one was fixed so I wanted to use my newer phone). They are making me pay for BOTH actions! That’s like two dinners right there!

The sales rep who was helping me was trying his best to be helpful, but apparently he couldn’t do anything. Apparently I need to call customer service for everything..then um, what’s the need of you?

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This is so frustrating.





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