Reporting from Travel.

3 12 2011

Time of arrival at Incheon Airport, Seoul: 9:00 AM
The boarding time for my next flight: 5:50 PM

Oh brother…. That is pretty much one whole day being stuck at the airport. I really would want to leave the airport and explore the city a little but I didn’t want to carry my luggage with me all over Seoul. Besides I know for  fact that I am not dressed for it. Korean fever is huge in Asia now and I look like I just rolled out of bed! But to be completely honest, if I were to spend this many hours in an airport, Incheon Airport sure was the right choice.

First off, free wifi – gotta love that. So many airports around the world either don’t have free ones, or claim they do but are impossible to connect. The internet here only gave me a headache for the first 5 mins or so. The problem though? The adaptor for my charger! Apparently in Korea, their electric sockets resemble nothing of the rest of the world’s, so I thought I had to spend the whole day just trying to sleep. Thankfully they actually lend you these adaptors free of charge! What do they want in return? My boarding pass. Which I gave them. Oh gosh, I hope that wasn’t a mistake?

So what makes Incheon Airport so great, apart from the free wifi?

THEY HAVE FREE SHOWER TOO! How cool is that! This actually might be the first time I saw that! Usually it’s the kind of privileges only at Airline lounges for first class flyers or something like that. I know where I will be spending my last 2 hours at this airport at. But I wonder if they have free towels too..?

And this is their lounge. For normal people. What a luxury! I once spent the night in the Seattle Airport and it was the worst sleep ever. They only had metal chairs with fixed arms on both sides. I remember falling asleep, hugging my luggage in the dead of the winter. Thank you Incheon for your consideration in our back bones.

And let us not forget the endless selection of Korean food they have here. Now, why I went with KFC instead, I do not know..

But you know what bugs me the most? Having to repack your stuff at check in. In front of tonnes of random strangers.. The worst part was, I didn’t even go over my weight limit!!!! TECHNICALLY. They said two luggage, 23kg each, this means that you can have 46kg just for yourself, YES? Apparently one of mine was 28 and the other one was 18, so she made me repack. WHY??? In the big picture IT DOESN’T MAKE A DIFFERENCE, right???? I know she’s just doing her job as she was told, but really? I just find that so dumb.

Whoops, must remember to pick up my boarding pass!




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