Warning: Whining.

27 11 2011

So at this moment, I am really holding grudges against my boss, because she knew I was sick as a dog, had to get my wisdom teeth removed, yet she still made me go to work on a Saturday.. when I didn’t need to. At this point, I felt like quitting this job was in the top 5 best decisions I have made in my life. Score. But then again if you ask me what the other 4 were, I cannot tell you, because I have no idea. Have I made that many good decisions in life? I don’t know what it says about me that I cannot answer this question..

Anyways, turned out I was sicker than I thought, other than having a cold, swollen gum, and two missing teeth, because I have been in bed all day today because of my abdominal pain. Wow, can this get any worse? So now the burden goes to you who has to read me rambling, because my TV show is currently loading at a snail speed an hour. Not that I don’t like blogging, because I do, I just try to keep my whining at a minimum. Nobody likes to hear other people complain about how their lives suck, because let’s face it, all of our lives hit few bumps with no exceptions.

I WAS SUPPOSED TO GO SHOPPING TODAY TOO dammit!! I am going away next week and had a few things to buy before I hop on the plane and now this is ruined! I had two pairs of shoes in mind, and they closely resemble these:

Very minimal design, but the most gorgeous colour in the rainbow.. Now, I am not a big fan of flats, for some reason I find them the most uncomfortable thing you can put on your feet, but these were so comfortable. I seriously feel like I’m just wearing socks when I tried this on. I just love LOVE the colour. Then I came across these,

UGH, heels are just so hard to say no to!!!!! But unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, I don’t know) I haven’t found these in stores yet!! I think I would actually pick heels over flats too..

Now, these are the second pair I was eyeing! I know they’re so simple, but I am looking for heels that I can wear to work, BUT not matronly. I just need a good mix of sophistication with playfulness, and I think that’s a hard combo to find. Now, I love peep-toe heels, but some work places request your toes to be covered, so I guess it’s not appropriate for work, sigh. If I could, I would actually wear them, even in the coldest winter!

I want to go to work looking like that. Maybe I will just get one pair of gorgeous black pumps? I wanted to stay away from any colour that makes my legs short, but really, I can just settle for black, can’t I? Classic look never fails. Also, Cambridge Satchel looooove. (influence from Minty and Peaches, I am sure)

Note to self: must find not only chunky necklaces, but long ones too. Long and chunky, that’s the goal! Love this look. I guess tucking in the shirt doesn’t always have to be the style?




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21 12 2011
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