Coming in Sideways.

19 11 2011

In four days time, I will have to go under the knife, and I know that sounds serious, but getting my wisdom teeth removed is actually a terrifying experience, no joke. I had two at the bottom removed two years ago already, and now it’s time for my top two – seriously, if you’re not going to be useful, why did you even bother growing in my mouth, stupid teeth. Needless to say, I am terrified.

I remember raising the interesting question to my friends: If you were to go under the knives, what would you get done?

We unfortunately live in a world where kids as young as before they hit puberty go under the knives to change the way they look. I personally think it is way too early because the way you look do change as you age.. but then again, if something about your physical appearance is going to make you miserable for years to come, then yes, maybe you are taking the right step. No one really knows, unless you’re that person, and I know I’m not the one to judge. After all, it’s all about if it really is worth it for that person. But apparently you get addicted to it, so you might want to be careful.

If you are interested to find out more about this issue, google Cindy Jackson, who had over 50 surgeries to look like a barbie doll, or Heidi Montag, who had as many as 10 surgeries in one day. To keep my blog light and arguments/contradictions free, I will leave it at this.

So what would you change if you were to get plastic surgery? (in a completely light hearted, nonchalant, conversational sharing interesting topic kind of way)

And um, wish me and my wisdom teeth luck! Meanwhile I’m going to go watch Grey’s Anatomy now to familiarize myself with those medical equipment, blood, and hot doctors with masks. *shiver*

I just wikipediaed wisdom teeth (why oh why) and now I am disturbed. Ugh.




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