Chiffon Souffle.

16 11 2011
Current Love.

Jay Ahr one shoulder dress
2,395 –

By Malene Birger ball gown
$252 –

Chiffon dress
20 –

Sergio Rossi stiletto high heels
$590 –

Anne Michelle high heel pumps
$28 –

Sea Grass Nail Polish
$2.80 –

My current love: I was in my shopping mode, and these are pretty much what is on my mind right now. Please somehow get in to my closet! I guess it is quite obvious I am in love with dresses, specifically maxi’s and one shoulder’s, what a surprise. I honestly didn’t even know that these were the only two styles I picked out! But what I also realize here is that there is one more  common ground now: chiffon. I guess I am in love with chiffon too! And what not to like.. Those flattering fabric type that can hide any flaws and accentuate only your finest traits, and oh so comfortable! The only downside to it is probably the careful handling..must hand wash, and ironing it would be near impossible, but that’s a very low price to pay for such a divine material.
And if you are wondering what Chiffon Souffle is actually like, these gorgeous babies are it:
oh drool.



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