For the Angry Birds Lovers Out There.

14 11 2011

So cute!!

How was your weekend? It was my first weekend in a while where I had absolutely nothing to do, with two days off too! Gotta love that. Although I failed to clean my room yet again. Instead, I had some pretty amazing marathons of Gossip Girl and 90210. I would say a weekend well spent, but that episode on 90210 where Austin celebrates his birthday in Vegas got me really craving for some waffles.

This looks about right.. Nothing fancy.. just the goodness of the batter, the butter, maybe some powdered sugar, whipped cream and blueberry jam. Delish. And mission accomplished because I managed to find some for myself on my way to work, despite being late to work. Too bad it didn’t come with blueberry jam – I’ve been hinting it to the lady for a while now too, that it will be a great boost to the business. And I’m not just saying that because of how badly I want blueberry with my waffles!

And this is my choice of colour for my nails on this joyous day. In love with the colour right now, and am planning on getting shoes that match the colour so I can have my nails this colour without it popping too much. Today, I’m just wearing all black with Gucci watch (green) and green eyeshadow/liner to match my nails, and lace shoes to glam up the whole look.

Happy Monday everyone!




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