Today’s Look 1.6

11 11 2011

So I just came back from lunch (unfortunately not tacos). While on the way to our usual eatery, a woman stopped me. The conversation went something like this:

The lady: Where did you get that shirt from?
(she almost demanded me the answer.. she wasn’t rude per se, but I was scared.. like, did she think I stole this or something??)
Me: [store name] *might i add, in the most polite way of speaking*
The lady: How much did you pay for it?
Me: Um, [trying to think] I don’t really remember ma’am.
The lady: (pauses) well it looks nice.

Well, thank you random lady. Which explains my today’s look 1.6! Also because my manager speculated I have something special to go to tonight, which is actually not the case, but you get the point. I look nice todayyyy hehehe! I don’t have a self esteem issue by any means by the way haha, that I only post my today’s look when I get compliments.. It just make it seem a little more worthwhile.

Wore this look with black leggings (of course), and heavy smokey eyes. I always feel like when I wear leggings for work, it’s not sharp enough so I put more effort on the rest of my look.
Also, happy 11/11/11!



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