Bootie Calls.

10 11 2011

Since I have started working, I have been roaming around this big, busy, cosmopolitan city in my heels. I think I have grown accustomed to it, they are not too too uncomfortable after all. So now the next thing on my wish list, is a pair of shoes that can stand the rain, and the walking, with heels. I am thinking some faux leather boots, but what I usually see in stores look like this:

A little too punker chic for me.. don’t you think?

Even these are still a little too bad ass for me..  NOW, this, is what I’m talking about. I think this is just perfect:

Just the right amount of attitude, with a bit of class. Hopefully I can find ones like this, that is waterproof. While I love my usual knee high black suede boots, they are not the best in bad weather.. And I don’t know if rain boots are appropriate work wears.. I’m sure I can wear these while still looking professional, right?

Come on now, if she can rock these bad ass babies with Burberry bag, they have my seal of approval.




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