9 11 2011

for some Japanese goodness..

Crispy and juicy ones please. But not deep fried.

Oh how heavenly… And of course,

Having an incredibly hard week.. Was never a big believer of marriage to begin with (despite my posts on wedding rings and dresses), but right now I’m doubting it even more. Oh, and would love your opinion on this:

June: We break up due to an unwilling situation
August: Back to saying i love yous and shit to each other
Late August ~ Early September: He sleeps with someone else
October: We get back together
December: Planning on moving in with him

Red flags anyone?

And just so we are clear, I don’t think he did anything wrong, I mean we weren’t together – because of the unwilling situation that I kind of created. So while I don’t like it that he slept with someone else, I am the first to say that what he did was not cheating. I am just disgusted though, that it was after we were back on track to getting back together…

Thoughts please?




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