Because Life Gets Hard.

2 11 2011

My mind is running at gazillion km per hour currently, extremely distracted, slightly frustrated, and feel like I just need to get out. I am physically uncomfortable, even breathing is hard for me right now, and my family is falling apart… I have the chance to leave this all behind but now that my family is struggling, I don’t know if I can leave.


I am young, I have so much potential, and I am at a place in my life where I can afford to take risks and really find a place for myself where I can be the best that I can be. But having to leave my family behind when they probably need me the most right now is just heart breaking. How do you give up something that got you there, for the possibility of finding your place in this world? I’m not going to sugar coat it, if I decide to leave, I will be doing it for myself, and myself mainly. But if I don’t take this step now, I’m scared that I will be stuck here, unhappy, unfulfilled, and not making a good use of the golden opportuntiy that I was given.


I read somewhere once, that if you really are capable of greatness, regardless of how many interruptions come in your way, you will still achieve greatness. But honest to God, I am scared. I have failed once, and I am trying to get back up right now. How many times can I fall and get up, until I lose faith in myself? Or until I lose my “swagger” and get used to living the comfortable, but unfulfilling life?


To those of you reading this, I woulr really really appreciate any thoughts you have on this. I am lost beyond words.






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