Reporting from work here.

22 10 2011

Yet another Saturday that I am stuck at work. Do I have that much work to do that I need to come in? Most probably no, since I have been reading Damn You Auto Correct, Cosmo articles, and now I have moved on to Marie Claire articles. Then why am I in the office, you may ask? My co-worker couldn’t have explained it better: “we’re just here to keep the boss’s company”. WHICH IS TRUE! Apparently he is quite the workaholic, but if he has to come in on Saturdays, so do we (especially those that just started working).

I actually have been restless all day because I have a hot date tonight. Well, that and the fact that the water is shut down (SERIOUSLY?? then don’t let us come to work!!!!), so every time I need to use the bathroom, I need to go to the lobby. Like right now.

So, hot dates.. that is a little tricky, don’t you think? How dressed up should you be? How much should you wax? And really, how slow could the time move???? I think another reason that I am so anxious today is because I am trying to find the right time to let my bosses know that my next month will be my last month with the company. How do you start that conversation? Especially when another girl from my department JUST quit? Maybe there’s an article on Marie Claire that can help me?

Back to my hot date (needless to say, I am very excited about this), I knew this guy was different because I am being a good girl. If you have been reading my old posts, you will know that if all the men I’ve dated were to grade me, I am definitely not an A+ student. But with this guy, I’m on my toes, in a good way! I think part of the reason is he is the oldest I’ve dated, and probably the most successful thus far (but then again, I can’t really compare someone who’s 4 years older than me with someone who’s 2 years younger than me). There’s a sense of security, a sense of responsibility that I like about being with him. It’s not pretentious, and it feels even better that he somehow finds a way to fit me in to his already established lifestyle. I like it that I don’t have to take care of him like a Mom, and I know that I have to live up to his accomplishments, so I am worthy of being a big part of his life.

We met by chance, and even now, we still can’t agree on who picked whom up, and I love that! I love how easy it was for us to hit it off, I can’t believe how good the timing was, and it’s amazing how he still makes me giggle like a little girl. Despite how many other guys I have been with (he is also the first guy who beat me in the number of partners) the time that I have spent with him feels so fresh and new and just perfect. What I love amongst other things, is how he used to ask me at the end of each date, when he can see me again, and after the confirmation, we kiss. That my friend, is how men should end their dates!

So I guess if you’re interested, stay tune for how the date goes :) Just 1 hour and 15 mins of work left!!

Could really use some munchies right now though.. I think I’m going to grab some KFC really quick before I get dolled up for him. Bad idea?

Seriously, how can you say no to that? And okay, that is not KFC, but I would much rather have Popeyes right now! Maybe chicken wings are better in KFC, but Popeyes’s fries are way better. Too bad I can’t find Popeyes here..




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