Simply irresistable.

21 10 2011

Do you have that specific item on a menu that whenever you see it, you must get it?? French onion soup is the one for me. I think because it is so hard to find, whenever I find it, I have to have it! That juicy flavourful broth of onion, and melted cheese on top, oh my goodness, heaven in my mouth! I especially have more respect (although I don’t really think they care about my respect) for restaurants that don’t just shove bread with melted cheese on top in the soup. While the bread gets all soggy with the goodness of the soup, it dries the soup up! Must pay attention to small details! But damn, I could really use some right now, my office is hella cold.

As for dessert, I can never say no to Panna Cotta for similar reason.. It is a rare find, although I hear it is not too hard to make.. And while I love love tiramisu and chocolate mousse, not all restaurants make good ones.. Seems like a hit and miss situation with these two’s. 

But Panna Cotta, such a heavenly blend of creamy, milky goodness and the right mix of sweet and acidic fruit (has to be berry type sauce though, I don’t like citrus unless by its fresh fruit self).

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Three more hours of work!!!!!!




2 responses

21 10 2011
Kedar Joyner

ha! oh my gosh, yes. French onion soup is the same way for me. I don’t know where you’re from but Madison, Wisconsin has Great Dane Pubs everywhere and they have the BEST French Onion soup.

22 10 2011

I will for sure check it out next time I’m in Wisconsin!! I didn’t know you could get them at pubs, that’s amazing! Thanks for visiting :)

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