Today’s Look 1.0

15 10 2011
So if you are familiar with my blog, you will know that this is my first ever “today’s look” post, despite tonnes of posts about my newly bought items. Part of the reason is because I want to stay anonymous,  but another reason is because I can’t find the time to photograph myself! So I have decided to rely on polyvore! And for some reason I got tonnes of compliment today so I thought it was worth a post.
Few notes though:
  • it seemed a little too formal for my liking (because of the slightly dressed up dress, and the colour of my jacket), I have opted for my leggings instead of my usual black tights
  • by wearing leggings, it gave me the opportunity to wear sandal heels instead of pumps, which made my look less official!
  • the real colour of my jacket is slightly more pink than beige, but the detailing of the collar is spot on. This playful collars also made my look not so serious
  • I debated whether to wear vintage bangles or vintage watch (both in the shades of gold/bronze), in reality I went with the watch but I couldn’t find one that resembles it, so I put bangles in this look instead.
  • beige shoes in general, makes my legs look short!! I learned my lesson, that if I were to wear beige/nude shoes, wear them with your bare legs!



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