22 09 2011 how I feel with the Bachelor Pad ending. Weak ending to an entertaining season. I also feel bad for Michael, who almost got Holly there, but in the end, the spotlight went to Holly and Blake’s engagement. Weak ending, I tell you. They really better fix this for their third season or that will be their last, if not this one.

On the sidenote, let me share my most recent purchase!

I’ve been on the look for pretty purple nail polish for the longest time!!! And I was never a big fan of brown, it looks like dirt but they sold me on this one. This particular type gives your nails a velvety look, it’s so cool! I’ll post more pics once I have the chance to put them on.

This is why I can’t show you how amazing the above nail polishes are yet. My nails are finally long enough so i got them done!! And I also got a new ring (or two rings?). I was looking at this five gold stars one, and also another one, also two rings in one, with one gold star, and a sparkly fake diamond… But I felt like I’m a little too young to be wearing anything that resembles engagement ring haha. I want more though!! I was in to stars back in my high school, so now I’m looking for something a little more stylish/edgy.




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