Bachelor Pad contd.

22 09 2011

Again, spoiler alert!

I am just watching the finale of Bachelor Pad season 2.. How do I like it so far? Well, I’m happy for Blake and Holly, and I feel so good Vienna and Kasey had the chance to see and hear what everybody else feels about them. That sure felt good. And while we are on their topic, no offense but if Bachelor Pad is all about relationship and being a team, you two definitely didn’t deserve it. When they were eliminated, it obviously was devastating for both of them, but all Vienna could say was “it’s because of you we’re here”. Wow, way to be a team. Look at Kirk and Ella, they sure handled it differently.

So I haven’t finished the finale yet, but I just had one big comment. CHRIS HARRISON, WHY ARE WE KEEPING THE FINAL GAME THE SAME AS LAST SEASON???? The whole prisoner’s dilemma, share x keep thing.. WHY?????? Obviously the finalists were prepared for this final game, so honestly I don’t think it’s any “test to the relationship”… I enjoyed Bachelor Pad season 2, but this final ending was such a let down.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I will return to my show and see how it ends.




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