Gossip girl here.

11 09 2011

Honestly I just wanted to gossip, so here goes:

Friend number 1:

Well this is the same one that I mentioned few posts ago, the one whose bf is coming back? I was saying how sweet it was that he seems to care too because she was the one who was originally going to move to where he was so they could be together. What I Just found out is that, she still wants to move. She said she understands that he wants to be with her, but she has her dreams too. So I guess her moving to the foreign land wasn’t really to be with him, but so she could chase her other dreams.

Friend number 2:

Just fought with her boyfriend because she told their mutual friends that she was still a virgin. I of course, can see why she chose to lie, you know, because of the whole double standards. Her bf on the other hand got really really mad. Apparently it doesn’t make him look good, and he thinks she is ashamed of him. I thought that if anything, it makes him look like a gentleman because he was willing to wait (they’ve been together for about a year and a half). I was slightly appalled that he would rather let people think of her as “slut” or whatever label, just so he could brag that he’s getting some. I was telling my man about how insensitive the bf is being but apparently he agrees with the bf. REALLY? Thoughts???

Friend number 3:

She went to school oversea, to a land she is a citizen of, but never lived in. She found a guy there and decided to stay there after grad so she could be with him. After 8 years of being together (many years of which they lived together), the boyfriend decided to move to a different country to get a master’s degree. They didn’t break up though, but eventually she moved back to the country she grew up in. UM, HELLO???





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