Spoiler Alert!

31 08 2011

Bachelor Pad (yes it is my guilty pleasure!)…

I can’t believe people decided to vote Jake off and keep Kasey and Vienna together… They all say loyalty this and loyalty that, but they’re playing the games wrong!!! Have they seen this show before? This is about voting people off so you’re the last one standing.. Eventually it all comes down to either you vote them off or they’ll vote you off – whichever comes first. Screw loyalty – bottom line is, people will eventually backstab you.

With that said, I do know that it’s different from this side of the screen. People on the show – I would just like to say I have nothing against you guys. Thank you for entertaining us, and I understand that only a portion is aired and directors have the power to put them together in a way that is more entertaining for us viewers.

I just can’t believe people are letting those two obnoxious people stay on the show, when they all say that they are sick of them! Seriously, no offense to them, but you are in for a big surprise when this show airs. But i guess, good luck?

Question: who are you rooting for? Who is the best looking? And who is the worst?




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