Cinderella story.

30 08 2011

I know I’ve been posting a lot of doodles lately, but I have quite a collection of it since I started working. Not that I’m a professional doodler (I wish!), but it’s a good break from staring at computer screen all day. Plus I have a lot of built up emotions so inspiration just keeps coming.

On another note, I am currently lusting over few pairs of nice heels. I just lost two heels to stupidity and I’ve been wearing the same heels to work whether they match my outfit or not!. One of the pairs I lost to rain – who knew that walking in the rain can expand the shoes and now I can’t walk in them without them falling off! The other one, I took them to replace the tip of the heels, and they overcharged me! I can buy brand new heels with how much they charged me, so I just told him no thank you. The guy reacted very badly and threw my shoe across the store – I kid you not. Okay, it was partly my fault but I really wished they respected their new customer a little more. Hmph.

I love having excuses to splurge! But RIP my dear heels :(




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