Unsung Heroes.

18 08 2011
Diamonds may be girls’ best friend, but these are my unsung heroes. They make me go from blah to decent, and sometimes even head-turning (haha)!
My standard make up includes:
Foundation from Bodyshop. I have tried so many brands and this is my favourite so far.

Eye shadow
– I like the ones with a set of colours. The one I use the most is the one with 4 shades of brown. I usually do smokey eyes using darkest brown, mix with gold-brown. I’ve been using Rimmel London for a while now.
Mascara from Maybelline. I have also tried many brands and this one is my favourite. The Falsies give you a pretty dramatic lift to your eyelash. I used to not like using waterproof make-up but in the summer or rainy season, they will save you.
For special occasions/skin emergencies, I use:
Liquid foundation from Lancome. Now, they actually have a lot to choose from, but this specific line gives you a good cover up, with powdery finish so you don’t end up looking cakey. If you would like to know the actual name of this product, drop me a message because I can’t remember it from the top of my head.
Eyelash curler from Shu Uemura. One word: Miraculous. I use them before applying mascara. The effect is almost fake-eyelash material – no joke.
Blush – I use them in the winter when my skin is all pale or for evening functions. I use ELF which do wonders to your wallet. I like a hint of orange for my blush.
Eye-liner – I opt for liquid type because I find that it is the hardest to smudge. But that means no crying or no sweating, so I usually just rely on my mascara and dark eye shadows for dramatic eyes. I haven’t found my favourite brand yet, currently using some drug store brand. The only thing I’m picky about is that it has to be the brush kind, not felt-tip kind!
Lip gloss – For some people it is the one item you always have on, but I don’t really like lip gloss.. There’s just something about having goo on my lips that I don’t like. But this Purple Lab is amazing. This line of lip gloss actually has some special effect to it, called “huge lips skinny hip”. They have some kind of chemical that makes your lips look plump, with hunger suppressor effect. I personally don’t know how effective that is, but I am just in love with the colour (Kitty pole dancer) and the consistency (which says a lot, I’m very picky).
Coloured eyeshadows – for special occasion. I go for blue or green tone.



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