Perfect Lover.

11 08 2011 the meaning of tulips. Did you know that each flower comes with a hidden meaning, and even their numbers have significant meanings?? My girly side has always been attracted to those, so when I give flowers to people, I secretly pick ones with the suitable meanings for the occasion.

For my parents’ anniversary, I got them two roses; one white, one red. The white one means “I am worthy of you”, red, of course means love. But when these two are presented together, it means love everlasting. I am such a romantic, haha.

For valentine’s this year, I was given two bouquets of red roses, and I knew for a fact that it was just because the flower shop made a mistake, but I looked up the meanings of it anyways.

The first bouquet, the one he actually intended to give me was a dozen red roses. Its meaning? Be my steady. The second bouquet, had six red roses. Its meaning? I wanna be yours. I sure was the luckiest girl that night. Although secretly, I wished he asked the florist to put the two bouquets together just so it looks grander haha. And if you’re wandering the meaning of 18 roses, I don’t know either. Ok, I lied, I just looked it up but I’m not going to say because it’s not romantic :]

So, tulips.. I was actually going to post about my brand new tulip skirt haha! Finally got it, I’ve been looking for one for a while. But now I need to get something to go with it.. I’m thinking bright coloured tops? Any other ideas?

And to go back to the flowers’ topic, I actually got my date for valentine’s (who eventually became my boyfriend) to check out the meanings of it. He looked them up, and said “I was pretty spot on!”. How did I let him get away..?




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11 08 2011

Sweet! I’ve never thought about the meanings before, and the skirt is beautiful xx

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