The Winning Combination.

7 08 2011

A dish that I never thought I liked. I’ve had so many scones before, and I’ve always felt “meh” about it. They are neither cakes or breads, and honestly, are they even dessert? Because its consistency is very doughy, and the flavour pretty plain, much like an undercooked bread, and it doesn’t help that it feels pasty in your mouth. So scones have never been high on my list. That is, until I went to a high tea place with my friend.

My favourite part in this three tiers of baked goods, was the scone. I think the secret to enjoying scones are plain and simple; the jam and the clotted cream. The scones you get in bakeries or coffee shops NEVER COME WITH THEM!!!!! What a shame. It’s like serving sashimi without soy sauce or pancakes without anything. I actually think that no matter how dry or pasty the scones are, if you have some good jam and clotted cream, you’ll enjoy it. But the one pictured above was actually really good.. Crunchy on the outside, and not too flaky inside. Yum.

The winning combination.




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