Once a cheater, always a cheater.

5 08 2011

I hate this phrase.

It is a statement that goes against the hope that people can change. Do you think people can change? Are the people in your life worth changing for? And one thing I usually overlook – do people believe that you are, in fact, capable of changing and therefore taking their chances on you?

I am what some people may call a player. I am not proud of it, I definitely regret a lot of things I have done, and if I could change, I would love to change. I would never make excuses for the cheaters in the world, because no matter how bad the situation is, there are always other ways out. So, all the people reading this that have been cheated on, I would like to give you my utmost sincere apology on behalf of cheaters out there. So please no hate comments :(

But that’s not my point here. What I want to actually share is the connection between the way you handle relationships with how you handle life. To take myself as an example, because really, that is the only person I can speak for, I seem to be very bad at staying true to one thing. Looking back at all my major life decisions, not once did I put myself all out for one specific thing. My attitude in the past has been spreading my risks out, never ever telling anyone my first choice, at least not until I get it. I don’t know if I really just wanted everything, or if I wanted to save face.. I’m just curious if I will ever settle down.

Now I know why people prefer a married man in the corporate world. I think it really does say a lot about his capability to commit. But then again it’s not all about committing or monogamy anymore, so I honestly don’t even know where that leads us. If someone has figured it out, please do share.




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5 08 2011
Afsal Ismail

Depends. People who cheat are sometimes afraid of being cheated on themselves or sometimes just naturally unable to commit and always seek change.

My ex cheated on me and I still talk to her occasionally ans she’s seemed to change. What brought on that change I will never know. We definitely don’t talk the way we used to.

It’s a leap of faith. It’s giving your all to someone knowing they can destroy you. Some people are willing to take that chance, and others don’t.

5 08 2011

You don’t have to answer this, but did you forgive her?

I hope I can one day commit :) Not even in relationships but in other aspects of life too.

Thank you!

7 08 2011

You’re being honest with yourself, and that’s good :) Some people are like free spirits…commitment brings about more negativity than positives. But who knows…one day you might find that one person you don’t ever want to hurt/be apart from. Everyone changes, except tigers because they can’t take away all their stripes! :p


7 08 2011

Free spirited.. that’s such a sweet way of putting it, thank you :) I hope I will find that one person one day too ♥

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