An inconvenient specie..

24 07 2011

in the name of ex-lovers.

I once found this interesting quote from someone’s tumblr… about how ex-lovers can never become friends. If they are, it’s either they were never in love to begin with, or they are still in love with each other.

Such an interesting point.. how many of you are actually still friends with your ex’s? I don’t mean good terms, but actually friends.. And how do you guys feel about this quote?

Ex-lovers have given me my shares of trouble.. I’ve had one who threatened to kill himself, I’ve had one who threatened to send naked pictures of me to my parents (Solution: NEVER SEND THOSE OUT), I’ve had one who pretended all is cool and ended up turning crazy, I’ve had one who invaded my privacy and probably are still cursing me now for what he found out but doesn’t have the guts to confront me, I’ve had one who managed to lie their ways out and made it seem like we didn’t happen, and of course, I’ve had one whom I wish I was still with..

I may seem like I’m using their stories just to write a post, but the truth is, these are serious problems. We live in the world where people die because of messy break-ups.. It’s unfortunate. So love with good intentions, and don’t ever forget to be considerate. No matter how bad things have turned, at one point, you’ve had deep connections with them, and that’s important to remember always.

I personally have none to very bad relationships with my ex’s. After all, something must have gone horribly wrong for the relationship to end, or someone better have come along, and who wants to be constantly reminded of that? Your cruelty, your failure, or something good that you can never have again.




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