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22 07 2011

That is one of my pet peeves. I love staying in touch with people, especially since I had to say a lot of good-byes growing up. But the two sayings that I really can’t stand are “I had so much work to do” and “I have been so busyyyy”.

I just feel like, hey, I honestly wasn’t holding my breath waiting for your reply, so you don’t have to give me excuses for taking time responding to my emails/letters. AND, do you honestly think that you are the only one with work to do?????

One of my friends actually said,

“I hate you for having so much time in your hands!” just because I was relaxing/socialising.

Um, SERIOUSLY??? Good for you, that you like to put more on your plate than you can chew, but believe me, some people can balance work and play, and more importantly, there’s more to life than “working”.

SO now that we got my bitching out of the way, this is what I have been looking at.

Hawaiian cuisine! This particular dish is like sushi with seasoned spam.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of spam but I would actually love to try this! Because of its location, Hawaii is a good mix between east and west, and food is no exception! Would love to visit there some day..

I’m sure it’s not that hard to make, but I don’t really want to waste it if the spam ended up being overwhelming..




2 responses

23 07 2011

Wow, that’s the first time I’ve ever seen spam look appetising!
It’s frustrating when friends don’t make time to see you but I know I can be guilty of that myself. Sometimes it seems like there just aren’t enough hours in the day!

24 07 2011

I knowwwww, apparently they’re supposed to taste like teriyaki spam on rice! Yum. And I understand the busy part, I don’t mind the busy part! I just don’t like some of the excuses some time :(

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