I’d rather have skinned knees.

18 07 2011

When do you know that you’re in love?

When I had my first heart break, I was so dumbfounded. Just last week he told me he loved me, and few weeks before that he asked me to be his girlfriend. WHAT HAPPENED IN THOSE FEW DAYS??

So I didn’t know what I was feeling.  Was i hurt because..

  1. Pride broken, not heart, PRIDE. First time a guy had the nerve to end things with me (again, please forgive my extreme modesty). Or..
  2. It all happened SO FAST. I mean, didn’t I JUST say no to being your girlfriend few weeks ago? Just caught me off guard. Or..
  3. Maybe, just maybe, I liked him a lot more than I thought?
I think I finally got the answer to this question today.. I was working out with my iPod blasting.. I had quite a selection on it, some old, some new, but most, reminded me of him. It wasn’t like I wasn’t over him, because I’ve dated since then. I’m pretty sure I even fell in love with some other (better) guy since then. So now I’m down to two explanations…
  1. I need new songs. Maybe these songs were playing when I was still seeing him, or they were playing while I was getting over him. Psychology. Classical conditioning. Science. OR,
  2. I guess I was in love with him.
So how long until I can enjoy my iPod again?



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