My beauty shelf.

17 07 2011

Well, I would say my jewlery box, but I think jewlery boxes are so impractical. Necklaces get tangled and things are so hard to find. But this is merely my go-to jewleries because it really does take up a lot of space. So my remaining ones are in boxes and trays. I quite like this lay out though. How do you organize your jewleries?




4 responses

17 07 2011

I think that’s rather lovely.

17 07 2011

Your well organized! my stuff is in boxes, bags and trinket boxes. I would call mine Pandora’s beauty boxes. :-)

17 07 2011

Thank you ladies! But you really should see my boxes and trays.. They are definitely not as neat as this!

17 07 2011

I won’t mind having a look at those either :) And thanks for visiting my blog :)

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