15 07 2011

I’ve always been a relationship girl. I haven’t always been good at it, but I guess it was good enough for a lot of them.. I always pretended I knew what heartbreaks were, I even went as far as boldly saying, it’s as bad for the heartbreakers if not worse… I really had no idea until I got a taste of my own medicine, and it hit me hard. My point is, now that I have been on both sides, I’m not talking about this lightly. I know heartbreaks happen, I know people cheat, people lie, and people hurt you, sometimes even on purpose. But I really have a feeling that I found that person who I think I will end up with. I know marriage is a really long way away, but I am really hoping that I get to spend my future with you – close to you. Now, I just have to keep my eyes on the prize and keep walking. In the hope of having you in my present and in my future, and not as just a wonderful past. I love you D.




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