Nuki suhi.

8 07 2011

Just saw this on the news. Apparently it’s the new sushi, currently made popular in Japan, where instead of raw fish, they are serving raw meat. So it’s not uncommon since we’ve been eating rare steak for a while, but really, how safe is it? Those steaks are cooked on the outside, but these sushi looks completely raw. And they said “to be safe” they are only serving raw pork and chicken, no beef. I thought raw chicken was the deathly one? Any why is it nuki sushi, not niku sushi, when meat is niku in Japanese? I am no expert, but this new trend is raising a lot of questions from me.

My Japanese friend told me that there is a new saying amongst the Japanese, that the Japanese women are the carnivores, and the Japanese men are the herbivores. This is proven in this nuki sushi restaurants because more than half of their customers are women! But the true meaning of that saying came from how Japanese men are seen as relatively “weaker”. I haven’t had a chance to ask the Japanese men what they have to say about this issue. Thoughts?

Speaking of sushi, I am majorly craving some seafood platter.. Both fresh, and deep fried :d




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