Little miss vixen.

5 07 2011

So I bought a pair of thigh high stockings a while ago, but I realized that I can’t wear them on their own! Some stockings come with a sticky edge, so they hold up the stockings, but I guess mine came without. This meant I have to make another purchase – garter!

Now this garter actually ended up being very hard to wear! I had to look up online on how to wear them! But it’s oh so sexy in a classy way, if you know how to wear them.

While looking at how to wear the garter, I came across this picture of Taylor Momsen. I think it’s a cute look, but I’m not sure how appropriate this is.. What do you think?





2 responses

5 07 2011

Haha is she even 18?

5 07 2011

I just checked.. she JUST turned 18! But i think at the time this photo was taken, she was 16 :p

and your blog is so fun!

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