Heaven in my mouth.

26 06 2011

From secret garden.

I finally got to try this.. Crepe cake.

Next on the list! The ones with fancy frosting are nice, but taste wise, I like the “blobbed” frosting better.

So pretty.

And of course, red velvet!


Lusting over..

26 06 2011

White clogs! I wasn’t big on clogs before, but I think it was just the colour. The white ones are just so adorable.

Designed or simple? Peep-toe or no?

This blog is about to get girly i’m sorrrry! I tried to keep it gender neutral for as long as I could!

Currently looking at..

26 06 2011

Hot air balloon trips!


Makes sense..

22 06 2011

From the notebook doodle.

I’ve been thinking.. when is it going to be my turn?

Then I see this quote.. I guess I’ll just have to keep on trying.


21 06 2011

I just read an article that made me realize how serious copyrights issues are.. and I don’t want to get in trouble with anyone or disrespect anyone, so i’ll be sure to credit whatever I post here.

So to start off, my Gravatar? Display picture? Whatever you call it, that picture of balloons, I got it from a post by Brandy Alexander on eHow contributor. I love balloons, I think they’re so much fun, photograph so well, and quite the representation of how I’m feeling. My header is from science-portal.org, I think it’s also a wordpress site? I love this colour scheme.


21 06 2011

I love reading people’s blogs. Most of the blogs that I follow, I don’t even officially follow them. Some days I just spend hours looking at their blogs – definitely a good way to¬†procrastinate, but sometimes, I really feel better just looking at it, and see what people have been through. So I’m thinking it’s about time I start my own so maybe I can start expressing my own feelings, and hopefully make someone feel better too. I will keep my whining to the minimum!

But for now, I’m going to keep my identity anonymous. I’m sure it’s bound to come out with the things I post here, and I am open to questions. Feel free to ask me anything. Whether I respond honestly or not, that’s another story though hehe.